Between the (blood)lines

Over the past few months, I researched the feminine period and the so-called “premenstrual syndrome”. I am neither the first to do so, nor hopefully the last. I was struck by the sheer number of women for whom the few days preceding the period (“premenstrual”), those during and even after the period, are synonymous of diverse experiences, relationally, physically or psychologically. Experiences often undergone in isolation and invisibility. These days, I noted, may sometimes also be a moment of surprise and discovery.

Would it be your case, would you be sensitive to this topic or would you know people who are, do not hesitate to contact me. Within the framework of my research and of a pluridimensionnel creation work, I am meeting people all around, from different backgrounds and disciplines.

I interview them, preferably on live (but it is still possible to organise it online).

And I propose them, if they want to participate further, to take part in a creative writing lab around the topic.If you want to share a story with me, to exchange on the topic, feel free to write me, I would be happy to read you!

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