Soline de Laveleye

Belgian writer born in 1980.

In a few words:


Where : here, there and everywhere – with roots in Belgium (the ID), a love for the Mediterranean (the cradle), encounters in East Africa and India (for work and for play), with a lost shoe in South-East Asia, another in the Mauritanian desert (whilst wondering happily), a great enthusiasm for the rest of the world (running projects), a fascination for the Middle-East (a fertile ground) and a (temporary) home in Jerusalem.

When : born in 1980, successfully stepped into the third millennium but probably lived a few other lives before this one – if not living multiple lives at the same time.

What : writes and has published numerous texts (poems, stories, articles) ; leads creative writing workshops ; has translated texts (into French); has worked in the fields of education (in both formal and informal contexts) and of culture (through different cultures); plays happily with words and images – translating life’s encounters into poetic shapes and language as well as using visual, audio and theatre.

How : in French, English, Italian, Spanish, with a little something in Arabic, Swahili or Dutch; using language, mind & body, computer’s programs, anthropological approaches, improvisation, intuition and common sense.

More :

  • Les phrases de la mâcheuse, Maelström, 2014 – collection of short stories, with drawings by Dominique Maes
  • Veejays à Kampala, Karoo, 2014 – report
  • La Grimeuse, M.E.O., 2013 – novel
  • La chambre, Tétras-Lyre, 2010 – poetry, with drawings by Gaëlle de Laveleye
  • Le lièvre de mars, Lansman, 2010 – theatre – collective book
  • Short stories published in Marginales, 2006 – 2014 – literary magazine.

Detailed list of publications here.